Rochester Lilac Festival

Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware

Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY is produced by Mr. H. Jeffrey Springut, an employee of Springut Group Inc. (The "H" stands for Harold)  No, he's not the President or CEO of the company. He owns no personal property. He  long ago had to transfer all to his wife, who goes by the name Lyn Rosen (changed from Linda Rosen) because of debt and tax liability. He spent three years attacking me,  and I credit the #MeToo movement for providing the inspiration  to tell a small bit of the story. 

Contact Us

We welcome resolution to this matter. No emails will be answered. 

If you want to settle this, call us, offer to meet. 

Warning: Don't try and change our mind. Instead, offer a good faith solution that will work to end the abuse and harassment. 

We will not at any time speak to or engage with Mr. Springut, Ms. Rosen or any other employee of Springut Group Inc. 

Rochester, NY